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Où allait-il? / Where Was He Going?

2006, 5 video projectors, 1 colour video programme, translucent adhesive,

5 panels: 220 x 300 cm each.


A slowly moving image is rear projected onto large plate glass windows visible from a busy street. The moving image, taken from a tram as it travels through a busy city, is simultaneously projected 5 times, recto and verso, onto the five windows. The continuous projection is visible day and night. The repetition and mirroring of the relentless urban flow are mixed with the reflections of the busy traffic and movement around the projections.


Exhibited as an in-situ installation at the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec in Montréal as part of Cité invisible: 7e manifestation d'art video et électronique Montréal organised by Champ libre, September - October 2006.



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