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1997, aluminium, steel, 12 speakers, 6 audio recordings

8 x 500 cm


A tall thin aluminium column extends straight up in the nave of a former colonial temple in Mexico City. Quiet ambient sounds emanate from gaps on either side of it. Placing one's ear against it one can discem different sounds coming from different heights in the column: children playing, a street sweeper, cathedral bells. Its soaring height suggests an infinite array of sounds, each one corresponding to a higher point in the structure's length; an aural version of Brancusi's lnfinite Column is evoked. All of the sounds of Mediodía were recorded at noon, on different days, in the nearby Plaza de la Constitucíon. In this piece, a temporal reference point, midday, is repeated in time, as audio loops, and stacked in space. Thus, a series of ephemeral moments is transformed into a seemingly infinite physical structure.


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