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Mirrors, Doorways, Windows & Sidewalks

2003, 19'00", Mini-DV, colour, stereo

This video starts with the following quotation from the nineteenth century philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey: If I am looking out the window and perceive a landscape, the light of consciousness may well distribute itself evenly over the entire landscape. But as soon as I try to apprehend a single tree or consciousness may well distribute even a branch in greater detail, the consciousness which I direct toward the rest of the landscape diminishes.

Mirrors, Doorways, Windows and Sidewalks explores how the viewer's attention is diverted and distorted by the distracting effects of traffic, reflections, weather conditions and the relentless repetitive movement of the city. Shot in Montreal during the winter of 2001-2002, this video is made up of a series of personal sketches of the Plateau district of the city.


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