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Dissolving Futures

2017, Installation for colour inkjet photograph, adhesive text,

two-channel silent video programme: 9:00 minutes, looped, photograph 80 x 80 cm.


This project looks at transformation of urban space as a visual narrative, or mise-en-scène, proposed by temporary in situ displays. An uncertain future is manifested (inadvertently) in the promotion of architectural projects. It is uncertain as it is never realised; it is in a continual process of becoming. In a very concrete sense, because the hoardings and billboards around construction sites accompany (and engage with) a site, an existing building that will be torn down, a building under construction, a vacant lot, which these announcements claim will become something else.

Project presented at MAO, Ljubljana, February 2017 in the Future Architectures conference.


Architecture after the Future, Haus der Architektur, Graz, Austria, July 2017.



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