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Coming and Going

2004, LCD display, personal computer, wood, digital animation, text,

50 x 40 x 10 cm

A still image of an airport terminal is rotated horizontally at regular intervals. A text that accompanies the image speaks of the artist's affinity for the airport, for the feelings of transition and placelessness it evokes.

Translation of text:

My earliest memories of Montréal are of Dorval Airport. As a child I would fly to England to stay with my grandparents. The airport thus represented for me a kind of point of departure leading to another world and another time. Dorval Airport is isolated from the city it serves by runways, highways and car parks. It is seemingly without specificity; airports are all said to resemble each other. Their terminals are porous structures whose exteriors are perforated with entrances and exits. Architecturally, built to facilitate the movement and processing of passengers, airports have no main entrance and no centre. But, despite its inherent lack of centre, Dorval Airport represents a recurrent focal point in my life. I will not necessarily return to all the places I have travelled to but I always find myself returning to the airport and to the state of transition it stands for.



Shown in the exhibition Arpenter l'île, Vues singulières at Galerie B-312, Montréal, Québec in 2004


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