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Souvenirs d'un paysage n° 6

1994, paper, metal, magnets, 2 speakers, 1 stereo audio programme

200 x 100 x 3 cm


Souvenirs d'un paysage n° 6 «les cartes» is three sheets of kraft paper folded like road maps and attached with magnets to a metal plate which is in turn mounted on the wall. Typed on the maps are the names of international cities randomly grouped around the magnets. If these names suggest a macro geography then a micro geography is represented by the sounds heard from the two small speakers fastened behind the metal plate. These emit a stereo mix of footsteps in the countryside combined with a recording of a woman' s voice. On the left channel we hear the names of the small villages and hamlets surrounding Basle and on the right channel the words, in the local dialect, for the geographical features of this region.


Exhibited at Ausstellungsraum Klingental , Basle (Switzerland), August 1994

and at B-312, Montréal, April 1996


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