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Souvenirs d'un paysage n° 1

1994, wood, video monitor, 1 video programme

200 x 100 x 30 cm

Souvenirs d'un paysage n° 1 «les cadres» sits on two low rectangular tables, one larger than the other. Scattered across the large table and lying on the floor beside it are small empty picture frames, each one labelled with the name of a different cloud formation: cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus, etc. The smaller table has a single unlabelled frame upon it. This frame contains a video image of clouds forming in real time. Thus, we are offered two interpretations of the remembered clouds. The first is scientific and semiological; if we are familiar with the terms we can mentally picture the clouds signified by their classifications. The second is transitory and experiential; we witness the cloud approaching and are made aware of the fleeting duration of its form.

Exhibited at Ausstellungsraum Klingental , Basle (Switzerland), August 1994

and at B-312, Montréal, April 1996


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