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The Lined Interior of Boredom

2005, plasterboard, wood, 5 speakers, subwoofer, 6 channel audio programme,

300 x 500 x 500 cm


This installation is a reconstruction of the inside of a city bus shelter inserted into a white domestic interior of plasterboard and wood. It is intended to recreate the space of waiting. The form of the shelter is evoked by the confined space into which the visitor may enter and sit in. A Dolby 5.1 surround mix of city sounds is played back in a continuous loop over five small speakers, inserted into the four interior walls, and one sub-woofer hidden under a wooden bench. The surround sound mix of urban noises evokes the experience of waiting in the city.



Installed and presented at ESPACE 1004, Montréal, Québec in June 2005


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