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Intérieurs / Extérieurs

2002, Artist's book with DVD

11 x 14 x 5 cm, 54 pages

Edition of 500

Intérieurs / Extérieurs is an artist's book in two parts. The first part, Intérieurs, consists of 72 pages of texts and colour video stills. The texts are citations from and about Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project. The video stills were taken during the summer of 2001in the same Paris arcades Benjamin wrote about . The second part , Extérieurs, is on a DVD inserted in the back cover of the book. Extérieurs includes four short videos shot and edited in Paris also during the summer of 2001. Each video recreates a subjective experience of public urban space and attempts to render transparent, through sounds and moving images, the ongoing conscious and unconscious interpretation and negociation that these spaces require of their occupants.


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