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Installation for widescreen video projection, 6 channel surround sound and 4 etchings,

video and sound programme: 9:00 minutes, looped, etchings 55 x 75 cm each.



A panoramic video projection shows a static shot of people entering and leaving a building lobby that houses automatic banking machines. The opening and closing of the doors provides the rhythmical structure, the score, for the video. The sounds captured during the recording of the images are played back, synchronised with the video. Inserted over the ambient soundtrack is the sound of chimes. The chimes correspond with the opening and closing of both sets of automatic doors.

Presented with the video is be a series of four etchings of schematic drawings that illustrate the various positions the two sets of automatic doors can take. Each drawing indicates the sounds that accompany the different positions of the doors displayed in the schematic.


Exhibited at Galleria FAFA, Helsinki, Finland, July 2010.


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