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20 Segundos

1997, 3 video projectors, 3 colour video programmes, water, glass, steel,

each element: 160 x 40 x 40 cm


Three glass cylinders, all filled with water, "contain" moving images of pedestrians and vehicles in Mexico City. Each cylinder holds a twenty second sequence slowed down and repeated. They show the relentless flow of traffic in the Plaza de la Constitucíon, outside the Bellas Artes theatre and on the Circuito lnterior freeway. The water distorts and magnifies the spatial perspective of the projected images. Similarly, the videographic process distorts and magnifies the real time of the recorded traffic. Thus, time is congealed in the cylinders; the minute complexities of movement during a fleeting twenty seconds in traffic become tangible.


Exhibited in Des promenades, Ex-Teresa Arte Alternativo, Mexico City, November 1997


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